Cash Loans and refinancing loans with fixed interest rate


If you need additional cash and/or you want to refinance your current obligations, Halkbank a.d. Beograd offers you a dinar loan with a fixed interest rate and maturity up to 95 months, no down payment and with a fast and simple approval procedure. You can get the loan regardless of whether you receive your salary through a Halkbank current account or not.


Loans are approved:

  • With fixed monthly annuity in dinars throughout the repayment period
  • Without exchange rate risk throughout the repayment period
  • With a repayment period up to 95 months

Terms and conditions


Depending on the borrower's creditworthiness. Max amount: 2.000.000 RSD

Loan currency


Deposit/Down payment

No deposit/down payment


Up to 95 months

Front-end fee



In equal monthly annuities


Depending on the degree of indebtedness of the borrower

Nominal interest rate (fixed, p.a.)

Maturity                           With salary transfer in Halkbank      Without salary transfer in Halkbank  
Up to 36 months 5,95% 8,95%
37 to 60 months 7,45% 10,45%
61 to 95 months 8,95% 11,95%

Representative example

Elements With salary transfer in Halkbank Without salary transfer in Halkbank
Amount 800.000,00 RSD 800.000,00 RSD
Deposit/Down payment 0,00 RSD 0,00 RSD
NIR (fixed, p.a.) 7,45% 10,45%
Maturity (no. of months) 60 60
Monthly annuity 15.919,24 RSD 16.989,98 RSD
Front-end fee Without fee 16.000,00 RSD (2,00% one time)
Total amount to be repaid 955.154,62 RSD 1.019.398,88 RSD
Other costs

246,00 RSD Credit bureau

50,00 RSD Promissory note

246,00 RSD Credit bureau

50,00 RSD Promissory note

Collateral Promissory note Promissory note
EIR 7,46% 11,42%
Calculated as of 19.08.2019.

Credit calculator


What minimum term of service is necessary as a condition for filing a loan request?

  • Term of service of the applicant with the latest employer must be minimum 6 months.