What types of cards are issued by Halkbank?

Halkbank offers to retail clients both DinaCard and Visa debit cards, as well as a credit DinaCard. The Visa Classic debit card is connected to both dinar and multi-currency current accounts which enables spending in the countries with EUR as currency without prior conversion to the dinar equivalent amount.

Halkbank offers Visa Business debit card to legal entities and entrepreneurs.

What do I need to know when using Halkbank ATMs?

At Halkbank ATMs you can withdraw a maximum of RSD 20,000 in one transaction.

You can change your existing PIN by entering a new of your choice, subject to payment of fees in accordance with the Tariff of Fees of the Bank.

Where are ATMs located?

You can see the network of our ATMs at the page ATM network

Which cards are acceptable at Halkbank ATMs?

Visa and DinaCard cards can be used at Halkbank ATMs.

What is the daily limit for payment cards?

To increase the safety of your payment card, the Bank has defined basic daily limits for using the card at POS terminals, ATMs and on the Internet, both in this country and abroad. Daily limits are defined in the amount and number of transactions depending on the type of transaction. If you want to set limits that differ from the standard ones, please visit your nearest branch/sub-branch and/or for enabling internet transactions please call the customer service at 011/30 40 905 or 011/ 30 40 906.

What are daily limits for Halkbank cards?

Major daily limits are the following:

Retail cards

Total daily limit Number of transactions (daily)
For payments of goods at POS terminals in the country and abroad (including fees / commission) 1.000 EUR 10
For withdrawing cash in the country and abroad (including fees / commission) 500 EUR 3
Payment through Internet, for larger amount plase call customer service at 011/30 40 905 (24x7) 30 EUR 5

Business cards

Total daily limit Number of transactions (daily)
For payments of goods at POS terminals in the country (including fees/commission) 100.000 RSD 18
For payments of goods at POS terminals abroad (including fees / commission) Depending on the % of framework loan specified for this purpose Unlimited
For withdrawing cash in the country 50.000 RSD 10
For withdrawing cash abroad (including fees / commission) Depending on the % of framework loan specified for this purpose Unlimited
Payment through Internet, for larger amount plase call customer service at 011/ 30 40 905 (24x7) 30 EUR 5

What precautions should I take when I use my payment card on Internet?

Using payment cards on the Internet requires major safety measures compared to usage at ATM or points of sale. It is recommended that cards are used on checked web pages with the sign “Verified by Visa”. At the moment of payment, the page must be secured, and in the address it will be stated that it is at https://page.

To use a payment card on internet you can use the number of card, first and second name, validity date and 3-digit CVV2 number written on the back of the card.

I took my payment card in the branch / sub-branch. When will it become active and when can I start using it?

The payment card you take in the branch/sub-branch will become active and ready for use on the next business day from 10:00.

What shall I do if I cannot find my payment card?

If you are not sure where your Visa card is, please call customer service on 011/ 30 40 905 in order to block the card temporarily.

What should I do in case I forget my PIN code for my card?

If you forget your PIN it is necessary to visit the nearest branch / sub-branch in order to apply for a new one.

My card will soon expire, how shall I order a new one?

If you are the holder of a DinaCard debit card and if you had the minimum one transaction for the past 150 days before the expiry date, the card will be automatically reissued and sent to the relevant branch. For all other DinaCard debit cards that were not used in this 150 days’ period and all Visa Classic cards, you need to go to the relevant branch to submit a request for reissuance.

One month before the card’s expiry, the Bank will send an SMS notification to all its clients that their DinaCard debit and/or Visa Classic card will expire. The Bank’s officer will contact Visa Business card holders to inform them that their Frame Loan or payment cards will expire.

What shall I do if I do not recognize a transaction recorded in my account?

If during verification of the balance in your account, you come across a transactions that you cannot recognize, please check the following before you call the bank:

- please be sure that you do not have the transaction slip. Although it seems confusing, there are points of sale where payment card terminals have different names than the point of sale itself,

- if you are confused by the transction date, please try to identify the amount and the name of the point of sale, because sometimes transactions are recorded with delay,

- if a transaction has been recorded twice, and you are aware that the first try of its execution failed, please check whether your account has been debited with both such amounts, or only one.

If you believe that a transaction is the result of misuse of your payment card, you must block the card immediately by calling the customer service on 011/30 40 905 or 011/30 40 906. If you have any kind of complaint, please contact the nearest branch / sub-branch.

Can I use the card abroad if I do not have euros in the account?

You can use your card anywhere in the world. The transaction will be executed regardless of the payment currency. The Bank will automatically convert money from your current account to execute the transaction abroad. At the same time, you can use your card in Serbia even if you have only foreign currency in your account.

How can I check which transactions have been executed by my card?

You can check all your transactions and reserved amounts– recorded but not booked transactions in your account at any time via internet and mobile banking

My card has been retained at the ATM. What shall I do?

In the event that your card has been retained at Halkbank ATM or ATM of any other bank, you should report it at the nearest Halkbank branch/sub-branch. Depending on the card status, the bank will either replace it with a new one (if you have permanently blocked it) or your existing card will be again available, after the bank of the ATM which captured the card issues a verification.