How can I become a user of E-Banking?

To become a user of E-Banking, you need to fill in a request in the nearest Halkbank branch / sub-branch

Can I pay all my bills or only some of them via E-Banking?

You can use E-Banking to pay all your bills regardless of the beneficiary. With this service you can access your current account seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


In order to access new applications in an easy and fast way, we have prepared detailed instructions for you. Depending on whether you are an existing user or a new user, choose the appropriate guide.

  • For existing users migrating to the SmartHALK platform, download HERE
  • Instructions for new users who have never used Halkbank electronic banking, download HERE

The system does not accept the password that I would like to use, why?

Your password must fulfil minimum conditions for a strong password.

The conditions are the following:

  • Password must not include less than eight characters.
  • Password must include minimum one small letter.
  • Password must include minimum one capital letter.
  • Password must include minimum one number.
  • Password must include minimum one special character (*+/-/&#()~”=?:,:. ...).
  • Please do not use your own first or second name or your date of birth as part of password.

If you enter a password which does not comply with some of the stated conditions, the application will report an error and ask you to correct the password. You are obliged to keep your password safe and not to disclose it to other persons, because that would enable them to see your accounts. Our recommendation is to change your password every 90 days.

Can I change my password?

After you access the application, you have possibility to change your password.

What is the OTP?

The OTP (One Time Password) is one-off safety password consisting of six digits, sent by SMS message to the number of the mobile telephone that you entered in the application for E-Banking service and it is used for signing payment orders.

I forgot my password, what shall I do?

If you forgot your password, see the activation guide found HERE.

I entered the wrong password a number of times and my account is not active any more, what shall I do?

If you have entered the wrong password several times, see the activation guide located HERE.