Standing order for payment of obligations


Halkbank offers you the opportunity to pay your monthly obligations in a fixed amount, in specified time intervals and on the exact date, instead of you.

Apart from obligations in dinars, we offer you the option to pay for your obligations that are contracted with an index clause, and the payment is made in the dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate.

This service may be used by any private person holding a dinar current account with a regular (salary, pension) or occasional monthly income.


With the Halkbank standing order service you eliminate delays in payment for obligations and you do not need to waste time going to the Bank.

Terms and conditions

For this service the Bank charges a fee according to the Tariff of fees for retail services.


What documents do I need to submit for this service?

With the Request for using the service you need to submit the latest bill and/or Contract under which the payment is to be made.