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Halkbank offers you energy efficiency loans intended to all of you who take care of your expenses and at the same time want to improve the quality of your life. These loans are used for the purchase of equipment and execution of works in order to improve energy efficiency.

These loans can be used for the following:

  • revitalisation of heating network 
  • insulation of residential premises
  • improvement and replacement of windows 
  • installation of smart energy systems 
  • purchase of heating pumps etc.


Loans are disbursed:

  • On maturity of up to 71 months
  • With fixed interest rate
  • With no annual loan administration fee
  • With no loan disbursement fee 

Terms and conditions

Loan amount

Depending on the borrower's creditworthiness

Loan currency

Dinar loan indexed in EUR

Indexing criterion

EUR-at NBS middle exchange rate


Up to 71 months

Down payment

Minimum 30,00%

Nominal interest rate 

5,70% + 6m EURIBOR

Front-end fee

1,50% in a lump sum


Depending on credit indebtedness

Representative example

Pro forma invoice amount

3.500,00 EUR

Down payment (min 30,00%)

1.050,00 EUR

Loan amount

2.450,00 EUR

NIR (fixed, p.a.)

5,70% + 6m EURIBOR*

Maturity (no.of months)


Monthly annuity

46,6 EUR

Total amount to be repaid

2.805,83 EUR

Front-end fee (1,50%)

36,75 EUR


Promissory note

Other costs 

246,00 RSD – Credit Bureau

50,00 RSD – promissory note

EIR (p.a.)


*Value of 6m EURIBOR: -0,241%

Calculation on date: 04.04.2017.

Credit calculator


In which way are energy efficiency loans disbursed?

Loans are disbursed by payment of funds to the current account of the service provider.