Housing Loans Insured by NMIC

General information

HALKBANK approves housing loans to retail clients with regular salaries or pensions paid to a current account with HALKBANK. Loans are disbursed for the purchase, construction, extension or adaptation of residential premises.

Repayment period up to 30 years
Possibility of repayment with another creditworthy person as co-borrower

Terms and conditions

Amount Depending on the borrower’s creditworthiness
Purpose Purchase, construction, extension and adaptation of residential premises
Loan currency RSD loan indexed in EUR
Indexing criterion EUR – NBS middle exchange rate
Maturity Up to 30 years
Grace period Up to 12 months*
Down payment - Minimum 20%
- No down payment if the loan amount does not exceed 80,00% of the value of real estate which is subject of mortgage
Nominal interest rate 1,1% + 6m EURIBOR until 31.12.2024. and after that 3.10% to 3.50% + 6m EURIBOR**
(variable, p.a.)
Front-end fee 0,50%
NMIC fee Fixed fee 30 EUR
Percentage fee:
- 1,50% with LTV ratio below or equal to 70,00
- 2,50% with LTV ratio exceeding 70,00 but lower than or equal to 80,00
- 3,50% with LTV ratio exceeding 80,00 but lower than or equal to 90,00
Fee is increased by:
- 0,25% if the borrower has no life insurance;
- 0,50% if mortgage is placed on so called "building in construction";
- 0,15% if subject of mortgage is a building legalized on the basis of the Law on Planning and Construction;
Additionally, fees will be increased depending on the degree of credit indebtedness:
- 0,50% indebtedness equal or exceeding 60%
- 1,00% indebtedness equal or exceeding 70%
- 1,50% indebtedness equal or exceeding 80%
Collateral - 2 blank promissory notes
- first mortgage on real estate in favour of the Bank
- insurance of real estate for each year of loan on construction value against basic risks and additional risks of water spillage, assigning the insurance policy in favour of the Bank
- loan insurance at NKOSK

* loans for construction/adaptation of residential premises
** Monthly annuity is adjusted twice a year with 6m EURIBOR.

Representative example

Terms and Conditions
LTV ratio up to 80%
Borrower’s indebtedness with new annuity below 55%
Facility registered and legalised
No life insurance
Fee converted in dinar equivalent at the NBS middle exchange rate as at 19.04.2023. 
Real estate value 62.500,00 EUR
Down payment 12.500,00 EUR
Loan amount  50.000,00 EUR
Monthly annuity EUR 271.59 until 31.12.2024. and after that EUR 330.83
Maturity 30 years
Nominal interest rate 5.225% + 6M EURIBOR increased by a fixed margin of 1.1% until 31.12.2024. and after that 7.225% + 6M EURIBOR increased by a fixed margin of 3.10%
Collateral Promissory note, mortgage, insurance
Front-end fee (0,50%) 29.296 RSD (250,00 EUR) 
NMIC fee 3.515,00 RSD (30 EUR, fixed fee)
161.127 RSD (2,75%, 1.375,00 EUR)
Other costs of collateral 246,00 RSD - Credit Bureau for borrower
100,00 RSD - 2 promissory notes
11.734,00 RSD Estimation of real estate (100 EUR)
540,00 RSD Cadastral map 
28.000 RSD Notarize of Sales Contract
15.120,00 RSD Registration of lien statement
22.640,00 RSD Mortgage registration
4.694,00 RSD Insurance (40 EUR)
Total amount to be repaid 118.424,07 EUR
Effective Interest Rate 7,51%

 Calculated on 10.10.2023.

 6M Euribor value  4,125


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The National Mortgage Insurance Corporation (NMIC) is a specialized institution for insurance of loans disbursed by banks to natural persons for the purchase, adaptation and construction of real estate.

No. The Bank acts as an intermediary between the client and NMIC.

Loan-To-Value ratio is a ratio of the loan amount to the estimated market value of the real estate that is mortgaged.

EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) is a reference rate established by the European Interbank Market. It is a daily average on which prime European banks lend uninsured funds to one another.