Electronic Banking

What is Halkbank@online?

Halkbank@online is a service of electronic banking that enables you and your company to carry out operations with the bank without going to the bank.

You can use this service at any time in the day, regardless of business hours of the bank, thus saving your time and reducing your costs.

Book-keeping agencies as users of one „E-Banking“ package are provided possibility to work with accounts of a number of legal entities at the same time.

You can access your accounts from your office or your room, car, hotel etc. by computer, on fax, on telephone, mobile telephone etc. - any time, anywhere.

Halkbank offers solution to electronic operations - ASSECO SEE (PEXIM).

More details about ebanking service  http://www.24x7.rs

 0800 100 111


Asseco: (011) 201 3131, on business days from 08h - 20h, on Saturday from 08h-13h

How safe is electronic banking?

Your data are fully protected from unauthorised access, with the use of the most modern methods for encrypting, and digital signatures and certificates.

How can I become a user of  Halkbank@online?

  • Open an account(s) in any Branch / Sub-Branch of Halkbank
  • Fill in Application Form (Application form for legal entities  + Application form for authorised persons, two copies each)
  • Obtain necessary system equipment
  • Instructions for officeBanking

What payment operation services are provided by Halkbank@online?

  • Execution of orders for transfer of funds
  • Control of daily changes and account balance
  • Statement of transaction account
  • Control of turnover card
  • Report on order execution
  • Report on inflow.

What communication channels are available to you?

  • e-mail
  • SMS
  • OfficeBanking.

System Requirements

  • OfficeBanking can be installed on Windows operating systems, not older than XP sp3

Halkbank@online terms

USB token

Is a USB carrier of digital security key. It is superior and easier to use than Smart card because it combines card and reader functions.


Is a card with chip that includes digital safety keys. Smart card enables e-banking users to carry out transctions in a safe way.


Is a device used for reading data from the smart card.


Is a smart card code.  Smart card is necessary for entering the program, sending documents to the bank, refreshing data and programs, as well as for change of personal number.

Office Bankingis a new, improved ebanking application designed for legal entities, supported on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Improvements are made in terms of:

  • integration with accounting software
  • input simplification and
  • better monitoring.

Clients can choose between two versions of Asseco OfficeBanking application, depending on the specific business needs:

OfficeBanking “Desktop” – installation on one user's computer; suitable for companies with no more than one employee who deals with electronic payments.
OfficeBanking “Enterprise” – installation and operation on more than one computer, possibility for multiple users to use the application; suitable for companies that have a high volume of payments and the need for multiple signing of payment orders.

More details on: http://www.24x7.rs


Users receive by e-mail all notifications and messages from the Bank through any e-mail application. Please state this service in the application form if you want to use it and write your e-mail, and pay attention to the system requirements.


By SMS service you receive messages to your mobile telephone, the Bank sends you notifications about your account balance, received payments etc. When applying for e-Banking service, please state this service and the mobile telephone number to which you will receive SMS messages.

User support

0800 100 111


User support of Halkbank: (011) 225 2906 and (032) 302 212, business days from 08:00 - 16:30h

Asseco: www.24x7.rs, helpdesk@24x7.rs, tel. (011) 201 3131