Vision, Mission, Corporative Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the most respected and chosen leading banks in the country.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the Bank which:  

  • offers the most appropriate solutions using the best channels, by understanding customer needs and expectations, the bank that provides banking services in the fastest and most efficient way to all customers through effective alternative distribution channels or through its branches;
  • is focused on the real sector along with its strong presence in the retail sector, having high technology, innovative products and services, highly aware of social responsibility and corporate values, with high quality standards, ensuring productive activities and long-term profitability;
  • puts people first and is highly committed to customer satisfaction.

Our Corporate Values

The values we believe in and which are deeply rooted in our business are:    

Confidence – You can be sure that your money is in good hands.

Respect – We appreciate your diligent work and we respect the capital that you gained.

Honesty – Our business is transparent, and it is our priority to fully protect your interests

Quality – Our products and services are tailored to your requirements and expectations.

Simplicity – Our procedures are easy to understand and user-friendly.

Promptness – We process your request within the shortest possible time

Efficiency – It is in our and your interest to reach fast solutions by simple procedures.

Development – HALKBANK observes world business standards and trends in order to make continuous improvement and adapt its products and services to the market requirements.

Professionalism – We have carefully chosen our associates and colleagues and made a team of top professionals who are trained and ready to respond to your requests.

Discipline – We fulfil all our obligations with due diligence and care in order to satisfy your and our professional needs.