Consumer loans with currency clause

General information


Thinking about buying a new computer? Have you worn out appliances in your apartment and it is necessary to replace them?

With consumer loans HALKBANK a.d. Belgrade, buying goods and services is even more accessible to you.

Consumer loans are intended for the purchase of goods and services for various purposes (furniture, household appliances, mobile phones, computers and computer equipment, medical services and others).

Purchase through consumer loans is possible with a pro-invoice or an invoice for the products or services that you have chosen, and that you need to submit to the Retail CRM at any HALKBANK a.d. Belgrade branch.

As soon as possible, our Retail CRM will inform you about the approval of your loan request.

Repayment period up to 71 months
Variable interest rate

Terms and conditions


Depending on the borrower’s creditworthiness

Loan currency

RSD loan indexed in EUR


Up to 71 months

Down payment

Minimum 30% of Pro-Forma Invoice/Invoice amount

Nominal interest rate (p.a.)

5,70% + 6m Euribor

Front-end fee

1,50% of loan amount, in a lump sum


Equal monthly annuity


Depending on credit indebtedness

Representative example

Pro-Forma Invoice/invoice amount 3.000,00 EUR
Down payment 900,00 EUR
Loan amount 2.100,00 EUR
NIR (p.a.) 5,70% + 6M EURIBOR*
Maturity 36 months
Monthly annuity 66,38 EUR
Front-end fee  1,50% 
Total amount to be repaid 2.398,22 EUR
Other costs 246,00 RSD Credit Bureau
50,00 RSD promissory note
Collateral Promissory note
EIR 10,13%

*Value of 6m EURIBOR 3,242%
Calculation as at 15.03.2023.

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Loans are disbursed by payment of funds to the current account of the service provider.

EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) is a reference rate established by the European Interbank Market. It is a daily average on which prime European banks lend uninsured funds to one another.

With loans with currency clause, 30% of obligatory down payment is intended for accompanying costs.