Offer of Tourist Loans for Travelling to Turkiye


We want to present you our special offer of dinar loans with repayment period of up to 18 months at our most favourable rate.

Loan disbursement is made on the current account of the travel agency against an invoice, with possibility of payment up to additional 20% of funds exceeding the invoice amount to the current account of the borrower.

If you select Gold current account package, with obligatory transfer of salary, with no additional fee we provide travel health insurance.

  • For holders and close family members
  • No limits in the number of children (up to 19 years old)
  • Europe, whole Turkiye and Russia
  • Taking care of annual insurance renewal

Terms and conditions

Loan amount

Depending on the borrower’s creditworthiness. Maximum loan amount 500.000,00 RSD

Loan currency


Repayment period

From 6 to 18 months

Grace period

Up to 3 months

Nominal interest rate (p.a., fixed)

5,95% if flying with Turkish Airlines
6,95% for other airlines

Front-end fee

If flying with Turkish Airlines or the client selected Gold current account package: 0,00%
For others 0,95%

Obligatory transfer of salary

No, except for Gold current account package (includes travel health insurance for the holder and all close family members)


Promissory Note

Representative example

Elements With salary transfer
Loan amount 100.000,00 RSD
NIR (p.a.) 6,95%
Repayment term in months 12
Monthly annuity 8.640,60 RSD
Front-end fee No fee
Total amount to be repaid 104.277,35 RSD
Other costs 246,00 RSD Credit Bureau
50,00 RSD promissory note
Collateral Promissory note
EKS (p.a.) 7,54%

Calculated as at 16.07.2020.

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