SmartHALK eBanking

Your bank just one touch away

Your finances are at our fingertips
Pay your bills online
Manage your payment cards
Open your account from home in a few steps

SmartHALK eBanking is an ideal solution for those of you who want to manage your finances in a simple and comfortable way from home or any other place. Activate eBank service and get acquainted with benefits of digital services.

  • Overview of balance and turnover in your accounts
  • Payment orders at any times of day or night at lower fees
  • Instant payment – transfer funds to anybody within 10 seconds
  • Foreign payment operations
  • Exchange office
  • Payment cards management
  • Opening an account from home without going to the bank

Frequently Asked Questions

You need only a computer with internet connection for SmartHALK eBank.

You can apply for SmartHALK eBank service in any HALKBANK branch.

SmartHALK eBank application is activated by temporary username and password, which you will receive by e-mail and SMS message.

To log in to the SmartHALK eBank application you need username and password, which are created on the basis of temporary user name and password that you received from the bank.

Signing of payment orders is done with a one-time code for order authorisation sent by SMS message to the client’s mobile telephone number.