Google Pay™ Easy and safe contactless payment

Google Pay™ Easy and safe contactless payment

HALKBANK a.d. Belgrade is among the first banks in Serbia to provide Google Pay service to its Mastercard and Visa users. This service will be available to all bank clients who have Android devices, an active bank account, and one of the Visa payment cards. To use the Google Pay service, you need to install the app on your Android device and by adding your debit/credit card to your device, you can start using the service immediately.

Google Pay represents a safer, more secure, and protected payment method that will make everyday purchases easier and more unique. At the moment of payment, users must bring their Android phone close to the POS terminal to pay contactless. Every Google Pay payment is secure because biometrics is used for authentication, which involves recognizing your face, and fingerprint, or entering a code to unlock your phone. These payments imply maintaining physical distance and reducing contact, which is an advantage in epidemic conditions. It is important to note that users of Google Pay services will continue to have access to all promotions and benefits that Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards and the issuing bank provide.

The arrival of Google Pay on our market is extremely important for further popularizing important payments, given that the largest percentage of clients use Android devices.

HALKBANK a.d. Belgrade once again proves that it bases its business on the latest trends that users are looking for and that it puts clients first because People first and foremost.

How to adjust Google Pay?

  •  To use the Google Pay application, you got to have Google account. If you have more than one Google account, choose one for use.

  • Download Google Wallet application.
  • Open the application and tap on "Add to Wallet" button.
  • Follow the instruction for connecting your card.
  • For adding cards in the wallet via mBank application, it is necessary to open Halk mBank application, go to the section where your cards are, choose the card you want and press the button Add to Google Pay.

  • Open the Google Pay application on your watch.
  • Click on „Add Card“.
  • Use paired device to finish setting.

  • In Google account you choose the option Settings, and then Payment.
  • Click on the sign + Payment method.
  • Follow the instruction for connecting your Card.

How to finish the Google Pay payment?

 Payment in market stores

  • To pay in the store, you would need to turn your phone from „sleep“ mode or to open any application, Google Pay application doesn’t have to be active. Simply just bring your phone next to the POS terminal and use your fingerprint to activate the Touch ID system of autorization. With newer models, to confirm the payment use the Face ID, look at the screen for autorization and bring your bring your phone close to the POS terminal.
  • After the transaction is completed , on the screen will be showned the sign, you will feel slight vibration and hear the beeping sound. That means that the information of your transaction has been sent.

Payment in internet stores

  • When you order online, choose the Google Pay service as a way of payment and with the help of your fingerprint use Touch ID, or take a look at the screen, with the Face ID system of autorization.

 In the store

  • Open Google Pay application and turn screen of the watch to the POS terminal.
  • The watch will notify you when the information of your payment sends.

Payment in the internet stores

  • To finish the payment via explorer on the computer, choose Google Pay and than finish the payment via phone or watch.

Which stores accept Google Pay?

  • Google Pay can be used in every place where contactless payment is enabled. Find one of the following symbols close to the cash register or the POS terminal.Usement of the Google Pay service has already been enabled in many stores and via numerous applications.