Halkbank-HALK-package 4u1

HALK PACKAGE 4in1 EIR 10,77%

NIR (p.a.) 9,90%


Pay carefree with HALKBANK cards with Apple Pay

HALKBANK - Humanitarian aid to the people of Turkiye

Humanitarian aid to the people of Turkiye

Pay with a Garmin smart watch with Halkbank Mastercard® cards


Google Pay™

Easy and safe contactless payment


Payment Account with Basic Services

Dear Clients, By Decision of the National Bank of Serbia, the content of the Payment Account with Basic Services has been expanded. The aforementioned package now includes a dinar current account, Dina debit card, payments and withdrawals at HALKBANK counters and ATMs without fees, SMS info, standing order, electronic and mobile banking, as well as 30% lower fees for orders made via electronic or mobile banking in dinar payment transactions. From additional services, at your request, credit card, foreign currency account, overdraft and/or cheques are available.


SPECIAL OFFER OF CASH AND REFINANCING LOANS „HALK PACKAGE Tailored for You“ for employees of public companies and institutions, and partners of the Bank


SPECIAL OFFER OF CASH AND REFINANCING LOANS „HALK PACKAGE Tailored for You“ for employees of corporate and SME employers


HALKBANK a.d. Belgrade wins prestigious “Customers’ Friend” Award

We are pleased to inform you that HALKBANK a.d. Beograd has won the prestigious Customers’ Friend Award this year, based on research conducted by the international organization “ICERTIAS”.

116.70 – 118.40
108.70 – 110.90
118.30 – 122.40
134.10 – 138.30
4.90 – 5.70
Exchange rates list updated: 05.06.2023 12:42:31

In our offer

Digital Wallets

Secure contactless payments

  • Google Pay
  • Garmin Pay
  • Apple pay

Start-up loans

Support when you need it most

Credit line with which we support the business of young companies, entrepreneurs and agro clients

SmartHALK mBank

The bank is always with you

With mobile banking, your Bank will always be where you are.

About us

Bank profile

We are HALKBANK a. d. Belgrade, a universal bank that provides all types of banking products to businesses and individuals.


Mission and vision

Our vision

Our vision is to be one of the most valuable and preferred leader banks in the country.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the Bank which:

understands customer needs and expectations by offering appropriate solutions through the best channels, by providing banking services on the fastest and the most efficient way to every customer through effective alternative distribution channels or through branches;

is mainly focused on real sector together with strong presence on the retail side, having high technology, innovative products and services, high awareness of social responsibility and corporate values, with high quality standards, ensuring sustainable productivity and profitability;

puts people at the first place and dedicates itself to customer satisfaction.