Be cool, be different

Be different and use SwatchPAY! in the shop, cinema, club…

SwatchPAY! is waterproof, fast and works without battery!

You can add the card to SwatchPAY! in two ways:

  • Over application SwatchPAY! by wearonize
  • Or in the Swatch store

Frequently asked questions

  • Android or IOS device that supports NFC,
  • Swatch watch that supports SwatchPAY!
  • One of our cards: Mastercard.

  • Download the app “SwatchPAY! app by wearonize” over AppStore or Google Play,
  • Click on the “Create an account” and then follow the other instructions
  • Click on the button “Add card” and follow the process until the end
  • Enter the OTP code to verify the addition of the card in SwatchPAY! wallet.

  • Just bring your Swatch watch close to the POS terminal and enjoy what you bought
  • For transactions in an amount higher than the contactless limit specifically defined for each country individually by the Mastercard company, enter the PIN code of the card to verify the transaction.

  • Open the SwatchPAY! app and click on the picture of a card,
  • Click “Suspend virtual card” and temporarily block the card from the SwatchPAY! wallet
  • Click “Remove virtual card” and remove/delete the card from the SwatchPAY! wallet.


Advices and information

  • The data are not being kept neither on the phone or on the watch, that is why the payment is safe
  • NFC modul in the watch works just as a payment card with no need for a battery, so it will work even when the battery of the watch is discharged,
  • Swatch watches that support SwatchPAY! have waterproof properties and other benefits which Swatch watches are offering,
  • SwatchPAY! application you can easily manage with one or several watches at the same time,
  • You can connect just one payment card with your Swatch watch,
  • One, same card payment card you can easily connect with several Swatch watches,
  • Do not leave your watch unattended,
  • If you lose your watch or are not sure where it is or suspect unauthorized use, you can block the card via SwatchPAY! applications, but you can also call the call center (24/7).