You will be eligible for an overdraft in HALKBANK after payment of one salary or pension to your current account.

Subject to prior appraisal of creditworthiness, an overdraft is approved in the amount of three average salaries.

Maximum amount of overdraft is RSD 100,000 RSD.

The overdraft is approved for the period of 24 months.


With a current account opened, you acquire right of using E-Banking/M-Banking, standing orders for the settlement of monthly obligations, payment cards, and with regular monthly payments of your salary/pension you have right to use overdraft and cheques.

When you are approved for an overdraft, you get an ideal solution for satisfaction of your immediate needs for additional funds.

Terms and Conditions

The Bank charges a fee for approving and usage of overdraft in the amount of 0.50% of the overdraft amount.

Nominal interest rate on overdraft is 24% p.a.

Representative Example

Amount 50.000,00 RSD
Maturity  24 months
Currency 941 - RSD
Nominal interest rate p.a. (fixed) 24,00%
Front-end fee 250,00 RSD
Costs 246,00 RSD – Credit Bureau
  50,00 RSD – Promissory note
Collateral Promissory note
Total interest 21.702,62 RSD
Total amount to be repaid 71.702,62 RSD
Effective interest rate p.a. 24,83%



With three latest salary slips / pension cheques, you need to submit a verified Request for overdraft.

Yes, it is possible to change the amount, by submitting a new request for overdraft.