Dinar term deposits

General information

Halkbank a.d. Beograd offers you the opportunity to place your available dinar funds into savings, with term periods from 3 to 12 months on stimulated interest rates. Interest is paid upon expiry of the term period.

The term of the funds will be automatically extended by the interest rate applicable on the day of extension, with no need for you to go to the Bank.

The client does not pay tax on income from capital arising from interest for dinar deposits.

There is no minimum deposit amount
Opening a term deposit account is free of charge
Fixed interest rate during the deposit term
Automatic extension of the agreement for the period corresponding to the initially agreed term

Terms and conditions

Term period Interest rate on term deposits (fixed, p.a.)
Sight deposits 0.00%
Fixed-term deposits on 3 months 2.00%
Fixed-term deposits on 6 months 2.50%
Fixed-term deposits on 12 months 2.75%

Representative example

Deposit amount  - 100.000,00 RSD
Term period Total interest accrued (RSD) Costs paid by client (tax) in RSD Total amount to be paid to client (RSD) Effective interest rate
Fixed-term deposits on 3 months 499,53 0,00 100.499,53 2,00%
Fixed-term deposits on 6 months 1.246,04 0,00 101.246,04 2,50%
Fixed-term deposits on 12 months 2.715,91 0,00 102.715,91 2,75%


The required documentation is valid personal ID or valid passport.