Documentary service

General information

HALKBANK a.d. Belgrade can offer you the following documentary operations:

  • All types of guarantees and letters of intent
  • Documentary Letters of Credit
  • Collections

Scope of services

Documentary service instruments include:

  • Direct and indirect guarantees, foreign and domestic, incoming and outgoing
  • Documentary letters of credit, incoming and outgoing, confirmed and unconfirmed
  • Collections incoming and outgoing, financial and documentary

Terms and Conditions

Subject to agreement between the Bank and the client in accordance with Terms and Conditions of the Bank for documentary instruments.


Application forms required when applying for documentary instruments

Dear clients, please note that here you can download all application forms for documentary instruments:


Required documentation

Documents necessary for obtaining documentary instrumetns:

  • Completed application
  • Depending on the type of documentary instrument which is required, a document evidencing the existence of the transaction to which the specific documentary instrument relates (a contract, annex to a contract, proforma invoice, tender documentation, tender reward decision...)

Charges are calculated for a defined period – usually on a quarterly basis as a risk fee. Other charges are calculated in a chronological way in accordance with the Tarif of Fees along with the business changes relating to documentary instruments.