Cash Loans and Refinancing Loans for Pensioners


If you are a pensioner and you need additional cash and/or you want to refinance your existing obligations, HALKBANK a.d. Beograd offers you a loan with fixed interest rate, with no down payment and no guarantors, all with life insurance free of charge.

You can file your loan request in any branch of HALKBANK, submitting your ID card and pension cheques for the past three months.

Fixed monthly instalment in RSD
Life insurance free of charge

Terms and Conditions


Depending on the creditworthiness of the borrower. Maximum amount 1.200.000,00 RSD

Loan currency



13 – 71 months

Deposit / Down payment

No down payment / deposit

Nominal interest rate (p.a., fixed)


Front-end fee

1.50% - 2,00%

Monthly obligation

Equal monthly annuities


Promissory note and life insurance free of charge

Representative example

Loan amount 350.000,00 RSD
NIR (p.a., fixed) 13,50 %
Repayment term (in months) 71
Monthly annuity 7.041,87 RSD
Total amount to be repaid 505.344,18 RSD
Front-end fee (1,50%) 5.250,00 RSD
Collateral Promissory note
Life Insurance Policy
Other costs 246,00 RSD - Credit Bureau
50,00 RSD - promissory note
EKS (p.a.) 14,18%

Calculated as at 31.12.2020.

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The client may be maximum 75 at the time of repayment of the last annuity. Those who will repay their last annuity in 76 and more will need one creditworthy guarantor.

You can apply for this loan for pensioners no matter whether you receive your pension through the account at HALKBANK or not.