Gotovinski krediti sa FIKSNOM kamatnom stopom


NIR (p.a.) 9,20%

HALK PACKAGE tailored for you

HALKBANK a.d. Beograd has specially for you made a package of products over very favorable conditions, named „HALK PACKAGE tailored for you“ that can satisfy all of your needs.

HALK PACKAGE is giving you necessary support with cash and refinancing loans with fixed interest rate and it includes also the current account package with special benefits.

„HALK PACKAGE 4in1“ includes the following products and benefits:

  1. Cash loan / Refinancing loan with FIXED interest rate from 9,20%
  2. Current account package (Silver or Gold) up to 4 months without monthly maintenance fee
  3. Allowed overdraft on the current account (Silver or Gold) without a fee for processing the request
  4. Credit card up to 6 months without monthly membership fee

All necessary information you can get in our branches all over Serbia.


Terms and conditions of a loan


(depending on creditworthiness)
Up to 2.000.000,00 RSD
Loan/credit card currency RSD
Maturity in months Up to 71
Down payment None
Monthly obligation Depending on the loan amount
Nominal interest rate (p.a.) 9,20%
Front-end fee None
Repayment In monthly annuities
Obligation of salary transfer Yes (90 days)
Collateral Promissory note 
Valid until 30.04.2024.


Representative example of overdraft

Salary transfer Yes
Loan amount 1,000.000,00 RSD
Down payment None
NIR (p.a.) 9,20%
Maturity 71months
Monthly annuity 18.134,88 RSD
Front-end fee None
Total amount to be repaid 1.287.817,21 RSD
Other costs

246,00 RSD Credit Bureau
50,00 RSD Promissory note

295, 00 RSD per month - The cost of maintaining the current SILVER package

Collateral Promissory note
EIR 10,08%

 Calculated as on 31.01.2024.