Flexy Savings


Wishing to offer to its customers favourable conditions for term deposits, HALKBANK offers you the possibility of depositing your funds on flexible type of savings, which allows you to withdraw the money in case of need prematurely, and to collect stimulating interest considering the period of savings that client has withheld.

Opening a term deposit account is free of charge
Fixed interest rate during the whole term period
Flexibility regarding prematurely withdrawal of savings with right to collect stimulating interest

Terms and Conditions

Maturity: 36 months

Interest rate:

a) 1,20% - after sustained 36 months;

b) 1,00% - after sustained 24 months to 36 months;

c) 0,80% - after sustained 6 months to 24 months;

d) With no interest in case of premature withdrawal up to 6 months.

*Interest rate is presented in gross amount.

The Bank accrues and pays tax on interest income, charging the holder of the order.


Representative example

  • Amount: EUR 20.000,00
  • Maturity: 36 months
  • Nominal interest rate: 1.20%
  • Total interest accrued: EUR 728,67
  • Costs paid by client (tax 15,00%): EUR 109,30
  • Total amount to be paid to client: EUR 20.619,37
  • Effective interest rate (EIR): 1,02%*as at 10.10.2018.

Questions and Answers

You need only your ID document – either valid ID card or passport.

Tax on investment income is paid by the bank on behalf of the client when interest is paid out.

Yes, HALKBANK allows you if you need, to withdraw the savings before expiry of the agreed maturity, a depending on the sustained savings period, you have right to stimulating interest rates.