Domestic Payment Operations


HALKBANK has developed a fast, efficient and high-quality system for performance of payment operations, as one of the major requirements in banking operations. It offers to its clients the service according to their needs.

  • You can carry out your transactions in every HALKBANK branch in Serbia.
  • If you want to save money and time, you can execute your transactions through the E-Banking service of HALKBANK.
  • You can monitor your account through E-Banking, or you can sign up for a standing order and the Bank will make your payments in this manner every month.
  • If you do not have a transaction account yet, please visit your nearest branch HALKBANK and become a member of our family.

For more information please visit your nearest branch or contact us by email:

Save your money and time and pay by e-banking at any time and place
You can execute your transactions in any branch or via e-banking service

Tariff of Fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can be provided with payment operation services at all counters of the Bank’s organizational units.

The Bank’s client chooses to take the statement of account at the counter, to receive it by fax or e-mail.

Internal orders (client accounts within the same bank) are executed at the moment of payment.

Interbank payments:

RTGS (gross settlement) – orders exceeding 300,000 dinars are carried out on business days (internal payment operations on Saturday)

Net settlement (clearing) – orders up to 300,000 dinars

  • I cycle: on business days from 09.00 to 10.30
  • II cycle: on business days from 11.00 to 12.30
  • III cycle: on business days from 13.00 to 14.30