Current Accounts

for legal entities and entrepreneurs

HALKBANK recognizes your effort and work, and that is why we have prepared a special offer of current accounts for you. Make it easier every day with HALKBANK current account for legal entities and entrepreneurs.

General information

Within daily banking, we provide the following services:

  1. Opening and maintenance of RSD current account
  2. Opening and maintenance of foreign currency current account
  3. E-banking
  4. Submission of statements of account and notifications of payment
    • E-mailing statements of dinar accounts on a daily basis
    • E-mailing statements of foreign currency accounts on a daily basis
    • Notification of executed foreign currency payment and inflow
    • Delivering copy of SWIFT message
  5. SMS service and notifications
    • Requesting account balance
    • Notification of inflow
    • Notification of outflow


Monthly fee is 390,00 RSD
The monthly fee is calculated even in the event of failure to execute some of products/services.


Elementary forms:

Dear users, you can download the documentation here:

Change of payment account

Halkbank allows the Payment Service User, legal entity and entrepreneur, to change the payment account, without change fee, in the same currency if it is opening or opened with a new payment service provider, based on the Authorization to change the account submitted by the Payment Service User in writing. The change of the payment account can be with or without closing the payment account opened with the previous payment service provider.

By submitting the Authorization for changing the account, the Payment Service User gives instructions and consent to the Bank to transfer funds on the payment account to the new payment service provider (available positive balance).

Information regarding the change of the payment account can be found in the Document - Information on the service of changing the payment account

List of representative services

At the following link, you can see a list of representative services

Overview of fees and services