Practical and safe contactless payment

Garmin Pay is here, and we were among the first to provide this service to our clients! 

Garmin is a worldwide synonym for sports, speed, and a brand that is closely related to the most modern trends in the world of sports and fashion. Garmin watches are the most widely used sports watches in the world, and they are complemented by the possibility of contactless payment. 

As a bank, we strive to be synonymous with everything our clients need - reliability, speed, quality, and practicality. We recognize the needs of clients and develop services by listening to them. 

Garmin Digital Wallet is definitely one of those services. Its biggest advantage is practicality! You don't need a wallet or a phone. Only an hour is enough! 

By having a Garmin watch, a smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system, and a Mastercard and Visa cards, you are one step away from the most practical payment. 

We tried our best to make this comfort and speed of payment as safe as possible. 

With a few simple steps to activate the Garmin digital wallet, you are fully ready to use it in minutes. 

Fast, faster – Garmin Pay! 

Because you consciously choose power! 

User guide

  • Download the application Garmin Connect on your smartphone.
  • Open the application, go to the section Garmin devices and find your watch.
  • Click on Garmin Pay.
  • Follow the instruction for connecting your card.

Garmin Pay contactless payment can use owners of smartphones with IOS and Android operative systems.

  • Go to menu on Garmin watch.
  • Click on the icon of the wallet.
  • When connecting the card, type in password which you have set up before (just for the first payment during the day).
  • During the payment you have to bring closer watch to the POS terminal in the store. Have on mind that POS terminal has to support contactless payment.

Which stores accept Garmin Pay?

  • You can use Garmin Pay in places that support contactless payment. Look for the following symbol close to the cash register or the POS terminal.