Children’s Savings


For parents who think about the future of their children, HALKBANK has created savings that will be available to the child when he/she comes of age. The interest rate is fixed during the whole period, and/or until the child turns eighteen.

Minimum deposit is 100 EUR
You can pay in additional deposits any time, minimum 20 EUR
You can make additional payments in any HALKBANK branch by e-banking/m-banking or standing order for foreign exchange savings

Terms and Conditions

Child’s age at the  moment of placing term deposit Maturity Interest rate on term deposits 978 – EUR (fixed, p.a.)*
Up to 5 years 13 -18 years 2,00%
From 6 to 15 years 3 -12 years 1,30%
From 16 to 17 years 1 do 2 years 0,80%

*Interest rates are in gross amounts.
The Bank accrues and pays tax on interest income, charging the depositor.

Representative example

Amount - 1.000,00 EUR
Tax - 15,00%
Maturity Total interest accrued in EUR Costs paid by the client (tax) in EUR Total amount to be paid to client in EUR Effective interest rate
Fixed-term deposits on 2 years 16,05 2,41 1.013,64 0,68%

Questions and Answers

You need only an ID document - either ID card or passport of the parent or guardian and birth certificate for the child.

It is not necessary to make payments every month, you determine frequency in accordance with your possibilities and wishes.